Ministry of Higher Education

A higher education system is characterized by high quality and community partnership. integrated and independent system; To govern and evaluate the educational system for higher education and scientific research in accordance with national and international standards. Educational curricula that enhance values, take into account the principles of the Islamic religion, and the Omani identity, and are inspired by Oman’s history and heritage, keep pace with the requirements of sustainable development and future skills, and support a diversity of educational paths. An enabling system for human capabilities in the higher education sector, scientific research and innovation. An effective national system for scientific research, creativity and innovation that contributes to building a knowledge economy and society. Diverse and sustainable funding sources for higher education and scientific research. National competencies with dynamic capabilities and skills that compete locally and globally.

Ministry of Labour

Regulated and stable labor market with qualified national manpower who actively contribute to supporting the national economy.

Working together to regulate the labor market and upgrade the ratio of national manpower in the private sector, through integrated legislations and laws and distinguished services, within a framework of transparency and flexibility.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

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